Club 100

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Starting in 1993, Club100 Racing has evolved to become the highest level of 'Arrive & Drive' 2 stroke Kart Racing in Europe. Offering a multiple choice of championships and racing.
CADET - 8-12yrs
Designed for drivers who have previous experience at either indoor or outdoor rental Karting looking to move up a level. The Club100 Cadet Championship is the next step on the ladder!
JUNIOR - 14-18 yrs
Moving into its 4th season in 2023, the Junior Championship has attracted strong grids across the two categories of Lightweight & Super-Lightweight. An ideal honing ground before stepping up to the Senior classes.
SENIOR - 16yrs+
Offering a choice of 4 Championships. Team Endurance, SP60, Club100 Experience, plus our flagship Sprint Series. Each championship includes ability and weighted categories.
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Kart Sim

KartSim karting simulators are designed specifically for the karting industry. They provide an unrivaled life like turn key simulation experience using the latest technologies. The dynamics have been rigorously tested to ensure the most realistic braking feedback, force feedback and handling models possible - keeping the driver experience as close to reality as possible in simulation.

Located at the home of British Motorsport at Silverstone Circuit. Please click on the logo for further information.

Junior Saloon Car Championship

The Junior Saloon Car Championship provides motorsport for young adults between 14 and 17 years with exciting close racing at a low cost. The 2020 season proved to be very competitive yet again with performance very close between a number of the competitors. The racing has continued to be fairly contested although some mistakes are made as these younger drivers find their feet. The championship has taken on board the Motorsport UK RACE 'n' RESPECT campaign where drivers, teams and supporters are asked to abide by a racing code. The code is based on strong values of respect, fair play, self-control, sincerity and good manners.

Karting Armchair Experts

Karting Armchair Experts (KAE) is a Facebook Group that was founded in March 2020 by Gary Pickard. KAE is a friendly place for those interested in karting to discuss ideas and thoughts with like minded karters. At nearly five thousand members, KAE have a worldwide audience with Group Experts on hand to assist with any queries whether it be karting tuition, clothing, where and what to race, KAE have a Group Expert on hand to help!

Piers Dowell Paintwork

Piers Dowell has been Custom Painting since 1992 and creating custom helmet designs ever since. The mainstay of his work is still crash helmets for the Autosport industry although Piers still takes on high end custom motorcycle work and is actively furthering a career as a fine artist.

It became quickly apparent that Piers's ability to paint very realistic and accurate murals became a trademark of his work. Something at which he is simply world class. Some time ago Piers adopted the attitude that it takes as long as it takes to make the job as good as he can possibly make it. Therefore his work is done to a quality not a price.

In 2007 Piers decided to identify the separating parts of his business. PDP covers the Custom Paint side with Bikes & Helmets. Enth Degree covers the very high end one off guitars and airbrushed art pieces and Piers still uses his own name for his fine art works. These are hyper realist paintings which take over 500 hours and are so detailed that Piers can only produce about 1 a year.

A keen motorcyclist Piers's project Dreadnought, a practically scratch built special has achieved almost legendary status despite the fact he hasn't finished it yet! Piers also achieved a life long ambition to win a British Championship when he won the British Classic Scrambles Championship in 2006. Please click on the logo for further information.

Zamp Helmets

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The Fastest Growing Helmet Brand Worldwide - ZAMP offers a range of motorsport and karting helmets that boast incredible quality at a hugely competitive price. FIA, SNELL and CMR helmets available with a range of fantastic accessories and visors. MPH Karting Academy Drivers get an exclusive discount with all Zamp Products. Please click on the logo for further information.